How to order a course

Paid course

Click on the PhotoCourses button on the main menu of our website and you will see a summary of all the courses we offer clearly listed on a single page. You can immediately check when the courses take place and who they are targeted at. To help choosing an appropriate course you can use the practical filter options. The closest dates will be shown in the event calendar. You can place a course in your shopping basket, just like any other product, choose a payment option and submit your order. Coming to the store in person isn’t mandatory, we will send a confirmation by email. As soon as we receive your payment, we will email you a receipt of your course reservation for the given date.

To order a photo course, please contact us on:

Paid course as a gift

  1. Choose a course in our e-shop, click on the button “I want to purchase as a gift” and once more add the course to your basket. We recommend fast online payment (by card or through payU payments). After payment for your order we will send you a voucher with a registration code, valid for one year. The voucher doesn’t include the participant’s name and so is transferable.
  2. Come to our store and choose a course or workshop, where our expert sales people will be glad to advise your choice. We will happily print out the voucher and the registration process then continues just as in the previous example.

How to sign up for a free discussion group, course or workshop

All you have to do is click the “Register” button next to the given date. We will require only your basic info such as name, email and phone number, to confirm the reservation of your place at the discussion group, course or workshop. As soon as we receive your application we’ll send an email confirming you are free to attend.

How to sign up for a course with a voucher

As soon as you choose a date, you’ll see a button on the photo courses page saying “Already have a voucher? Register for the course.” After clicking on it enter the code from your voucher and all the available dates for your course will be displayed. Choose the date, confirm your information and we’ll send you an email with the reservation of your place for the given date.

Individual courses

At an individual course our instructors will dedicate themselves to you and your vision. You’ll notice the results much sooner. We’re happy to accommodate the time, place and content to whatever topic you’ve chosen. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Our goal is to satisfy your requirements and most of all to provide above-standard care during the learning process. We will send you the exact price of the course after receiving your order. The price will be primarily based on the required scope.

When and where courses take place:

  • Unless otherwise specified, courses take place in one of the meeting rooms in Centrum FotoŠkoda, or in our photographic studio.
  • We are also happy to travel straight to you.
  • We choose our course instructors based on the brand of your camera or the focus of the course.
  • You will have the instructor to yourself the whole time and therefore over the course you will gain a maximum of important advice and information directly from photographic practice.

Favourite topics

  • camera handling basics
  • more advanced camera settings or getting beyond just switching on manual
  • enlarging photographs in the dark room
  • quadcopters
  • taking photos with a Praktica or other analogue camera
  • control and recording with a GoPro camera
  • thematic photography – sports / street / children / nature / landscapes / architecture / portraits etc.
  • product photography
  • taking photos in a studio and how to equip your studio
  • basic adjustment of digital photographs in common graphical programs

Servisní knížka plná výhod
  • 4 servisní prohlídky
  • základní kurz ovládání zrcadlovky
  • poukázka na fotoslužby

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